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  Fraudulent Recruitment

It has come to our attention that certain unscrupulous individuals and entities falsely representing Luthra Industry Corp. are misleading job applicants by claiming to be affiliated with the company or issuing fake offer letters on behalf of us. We wish to inform applicants and all stakeholders that Luthra Industry Corp. (and / or its group companies) follows a formal recruitment process. Further, Luthra Industry Corp. (and / or its group companies) does not entertain payment of any kind from candidates at any point in the recruitment process.

Please be advised that any potential job-seeker willingly corresponding with such individuals and / or recruitment agencies in any manner whether by e-mails or otherwise will be doing so at his/her own risks and consequences. We urge you not to respond to such fake employment related communication. We will not accept any liability for any loss or damage that may incur directly or indirectly through correspondence with fraudulent individuals or recruitment agencies and such communication should not be treated as an offer or representation from Luthra Industry Corp. (and / or its group companies).

Please be aware of fraudulent recruiting and should you come across any such incident or have any information regarding solicitation for employment with Luthra Industry Corp. (and / or its group companies), you are free to inform us at [email protected]

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