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Ring Gear Division

Luthra Industrial Corp. Ring Gear Division specializes in the manufacturing of Ring Gears as per the wide variety of customer requirements. The Starter Gear Division is well equipped with state-of-the-art ring forming equipment and CNC turning and hobbing machines coupled with gear shapers and in-house heat treatment facilities which help to maintain precise gear contours, dimensional uniformity, excellent surface finish, reduced gear noise and increase in load carrying capacities.

State-of-the-art technology used for manufacturing process and measurement systems ensure the highest quality products to meet the demands of the quality conscious buyers.

Rolling Machine 04 Nos
Plasma Cutting Machine 03 Nos
Welding 03 Nos
Trimming SPM 02 NOS
Straightening Press SPM 02 NOS
Turning CNC 08 Nos
Hobbing machines 14 Nos
Teeth Chamfer SPM 04 Nos
Induction Hardening 02 Nos 
Normalize 02 NOS
Diameter range: 120 mm to 600 mm (OD)
Thickness range : 8mm to 30 mm 
Module Range:  1.75 min to 4.0 max
Special Features Drilled / Tapped Holes, Steps / Grooves on Diameters, Blind Holes, Milled / Slant Teeth
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