Policy / EHS Policy

EHS Policy

Luthra Industrial Corp. has established and shall maintain environmental management system to ensure compliance to ISO 14001:2004 requirements. The following strategies have been established to constantly guide our initiatives towards environmental care in our activities, products and services.

Holistic View:
(a) Environment Management System shall be used as a means to minimize environmental impact of our activities, products or services. Management is committed for prevention of pollution during the operations.
(b) Seek better environmental work practices from our suppliers and contractors.
(c) Take a leading position regarding all the applicable environmental legislation.
(d) Environmental policy is documented, Implemented & maintained, and it is available/communicated to all the concerns which are related to LIC. It is available for public on request.

Continual Improvement:
Intergraded environmental activities in all our operations through employees and strive continuously to control pollution by: Formulating, communication and monitoring clearly defined goals.
Educate/train all employees towards environmental care and build competence in managing work related environmental processes.

Recourse Efficiency:
Through optimizing the activities, products and services in such a way that long term resources energy and raw material. Through systematic efforts to minimize waste and implementing systems for waste management.

Environmental Legislation:
To comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and other identified requirements to with the company subscribes.

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